The Roadmap:

It's a 21 day course that helps you with all the basics when you want to go vegan, it covers everything from nutrition basics, to all the practical aspects of shopping, budgeting, getting organized, batch cooking, substitutions for ingredients, and all the social aspects of going vegan such as traveling, going out to dinner parties, navigating the holidays, eating out at restaurants, and so many other topics and modules (you can check out the entire curriculum here).

In this course, a new module will appear every day for those 21 days, so that you can go through it step by step.

The lessons are in order, so you follow the path of lessons we've set out to slowly start making those changes in your lifestyle.

The course also includes 40 delicious recipes, and two modules with seasonal menu ideas and special occasion menu ideas.

It also includes one of my favorite modules, the module on a new approach to weight and our relationship with food and our bodies.

It's a course with a start and finish. The modules appear as the 21 days unfold (you'll get a new one per day), but once they're available you have access to them for life, so you can check back on anything you want to watch or listen to again.

It includes lessons in video, audio and written format, depending on the lesson.

My Brownble Online Program:

My Brownble centers on vegan cooking classes but it also includes sections with some videos on giving you support with your relationship with food, support on your vegan journey, support in the kitchen, classes on basic cooking techniques, on how to get your kitchen and pantry organized, lessons on batch cooking and more.

My Brownble is an ongoing program, which means that when you sign up you have access to all past content and to all the new content for as long as you are a member. We upload new content to the program every week.

My Brownble is a program in which you get to explore and decide which videos you want to watch and in what order. There isn't a lesson plan to follow, rather, you decide what you want to watch and when.

All of the content in My Brownble is done in video format with the exception of our podcast. Although our podcast is free for anyone to enjoy, in My Brownble you have the podcast content organized in a more streamlined way (and you can keep track of what you've listened to), so that you can listen to it in order, or organized by our famous series of episodes.

Both My Brownble and The Roadmap include:

Support through the comments section under each video (I answer all of your questions personally and typically within the first 24 hours).

Access to our free breakfast and brunch classics course (and you can easily switch back and forth between your courses through your handy library).

Email support with any issues you might have.

Printable PDFs for all the recipes and additional printables that might help make time in the kitchen easier.

Check out more information through each link below, and check out the special discount we offer in case you're interested in both:

More information and pricing for The Roadmap

More information and pricing for the My Brownble Online Program

Our special bundle discount for both courses (with lifetime access to both)